Out now: Elements of Life feat Josh Milan “Live Your Life For Today” Remixes

February 17, 2015

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Elements Of Life Feat. Josh Milan
“Berimbau” “I Dream A World” “Live Your Life For Today”


Josh Milan EOL Eclipse EP ­ Elements of Life Featuring Josh Milan “I Dream a World, “Live Your Life Today” & “Berimbau” is quality dance music at its finest!

The voice that speaks for an entire generation behind flawless masterpieces from his accomplishments of BLAZE to his current label endeavors with HoneyComb music & Elements Of Life, Josh Milan is that voice! Vega Records has been releasing only the strongest singles, albums and most powerful EOL Eps and with Josh Milan we knew an Eclipse EP was in order for the start of this year to bring in the next installment of EOL EPS with more to follow. Louie Vega and Josh have been creating together for over 16+ years and the JOSH MILAN EOL ECLIPSE EP features the enlightening and amazing music these talented men create when they come together with a desire to inspire true passion through music.This EP and each track speak to the soul, spreading the message of HOUSE music and a want for a universe filled with peace and love.

I DREAM A WORLD says so much, “a place where Love is a lifestyle” Josh and Louie have this dream in common and have been compelled to share this positive message and beautiful melody with the hope that music can bring us all one step closer to this vision becoming a reality. Josh’s voice resonates the pure beauty of each lyric accompanied with a smooth beat and seamless keys, I DREAM A WORLD is exactly what this new year needs and that is to rejuvenate our spirits. There was no doubt in our minds that “LIVE YOUR LIFE TODAY” would fit this EP perfectly. The soprano saxophone, the keys and the message are each overflowing with positive vibes. Listen closely… “We live our lives on our own, in time we will grow, in life we should be positive, show someone what loving is”. Created in the likeness of today’s house community Josh & Louie have not only tapped into real deep emotions but also a powerful rhythm.

To make this EP a well rounded musical journey we’ve included BERIMBAU the Brazilian Classic, a track that automatically transports you to warm nights dancing under the stars! BERIMBAU simply put is PERCUSSIVE & BEAUTY IN THE NYLON GUITAR CHORDS, Josh & Louie took that meaning to heart when each entering their studios and emerging with BERIMBAU a complex and winding track that captivates and leads to a moving experience on and off the dance floor! We knew that the Josh Milan EOL Eclipse EP, had so much spirit and energy coursing through each track that the remixes would be seriously powerful and for that we needed those truly gifted in interpreting our message while maintaining the integrity of each of these monumental tracks.The Shelter powerhouse production of Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios can be felt through the “BERIMBAU” retouch. Adding depth to the beats on the track and heightening the energy of “BERIMBAU” we knew this retouch was a must for the EP.

Sean McCabe and Jihad Muhammad each present a remix for “LIVE YOUR LIFE TODAY”, each showing us just how versatile a track created with such great technical and lyrical perfection can be transformed to suit the most observant of listeners and dancers. Louie Vega & Josh Milan have been so enthralled in this EP they each put a little something special into “BERIMBAU” & “I DREAM A WORLD” as well to make the Josh Milan EOL Eclipse EP the ultimate collection of beautifully created music to inspire joy and love in the spirits of all who come into contact with it. We invite you to listen to each track, breath in the spiritual music and spread that same inspiring nergy out into the universe! “A PLACE WHERE LOVE IS A LIFESTYLE” FOR EVERY MAN & EVERY CHILD”.

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    Bought this just for your Dub. Keep doing what you do!

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