Out now: ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ feat Donae’o

October 30, 2014

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Offering a fine taster of what to expect from Sean McCabe’s debut album is ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ featuring the crystal clear, neo-soul vocals of Donae’o. The single itself is a sunny, feel-good anthem with swinging drums, soaring vocals and golden chords that warm through minds, bodies and souls.

As well as the original Extended Version there is a Sean McCabe dub which tones down the vocals and buries them amongst glowing pads, twinkling disco melodies and plenty of colourful chord action. The beats still swing invitingly, with extra warm dub undercurrents and frankly it’s the sort of record that is impossible not to love.

The album and ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ single are out now at the Z Shop

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